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HP is the largest creator across the globe for laptops, desktops, and other hardware of computers. HP enjoys a huge clients base all over the world. The topmost priority of HP is the customer satisfaction. The laptops, desktops and other hardware related to the computer might encounter some technical issues. The glitches regarding HP laptops can also crop up anytime. To ensure that all the queries and complaints are duly assisted, the experts are available all the time at the HP laptop customer service to resolve the queries and technical glitches related to HP issues. The can be contacted using the HP laptop support number that is used to connect the customers to a customer support expert. HP is famous to create the best quality hardware products at the same time the HP products create technical glitches also. The purpose of creating HP software support is to offer the HP clients a hassle-free solution and the best possible HP laptop help.

HP is famous to manufacture various devices using the latest technology and lots of incredible features. One of the famous product of HP is HP laptops. The individuals can found various brands of laptops available in the market, and they still prefer to purchase the HP laptops because of its affordable price and amazing features. Along with the innovative technology the HP laptops also possess some bugs that require the assistance of HP laptop customer service. To fix the issues occurring in the HP laptops, one should have to call the HP laptop support number. They will be assisted by the HP laptop experts that offers them a quick resolution to the issues they are facing in their HP laptops. They just need to get in touch with the HP laptop tech support.HP laptop support number

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If you are also an HP customer and you have purchased HP laptop, then you must be knowing that you have one of the best quality laptops in the world. However, you must be aware of the fact that the HP laptops also creates some technical glitches. Some issues are minor while others are major. The minor issues can be resolved by the customers themselves while the major issues can be resolved by taking the help of an HP laptop customer service. Here, you will get to know about the minor issues that occur in HP products. Along with the technical glitches, we have discussed the troubleshooting steps also that can be followed to resolve the issues instantly. However, if you stuck in the middle because of some error, then you need to contact the official HP laptop tech support to get all the necessary and required HP laptop help.

HP laptop support | How to reset an HP laptop

HP laptops were delivered with Windows 7 which contains recovery partition that provides same work as a restore disc. HP laptop customer service was also established for solving queries of the clients.

  1. Firstly switch on the HP laptop and click “F11” till the computer boots to recovery manager.
  2. Secondly, select “System recovery” from “I need help immediately” and select in the left pane and press “Backup files” and press “Next.”
  3. Thirdly select the type of file so as to back up and select “Next” and connect an external drive to the laptop, in the optical drive insert a blank disc.
  4. Fourthly Press the optical or USB drive, and press “Next” after selecting the drive letter associate.
  5. Fifthly press “Next” if the backup process is completed. HP manager in its original state will be restored by recovery manager.
  6. Sixthly after completing the process, follow the on-screen prompts to set up window 7.

From the above-mentioned steps, a customer can get detail idea about how to reset an HP laptop. Even the customers can get in touch with HP laptop support number who work 24/7 hours for providing assistance to the customers on their need. The main goal of the HP laptop tech support team is customer satisfaction as well as to solve their queries, and providing easy solutions to them.

Steps to unlock HP laptops without Disk via recovery manager are mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, switch off the laptop, and after a few minutes switch it on.
  2. Secondly, press the “F11” button on the keyboard and select “HP Recovery Manager” and wait until the program is loaded.
  3. Thirdly, choose system recovery by continuing with the program.
  4. Fourthly, Remove the password from the system and wait for the program to be installed with the necessary program.
  5. Fifthly, if the process is finished restart the laptop, when not require input password to access the system.

Make sure that the files from the primary disk will be removed from the system; if there is an important file or documents, the above method would not be applicable to restart window password.

From the above mentioned easy steps, the customer can easily understand how to unlock HP laptops without Disk via recovery manager. If they feel any challenges while accessing the steps, they can easily contact HP laptop support number who will provide in detail information to the clients about the steps with demonstration too.

HP laptop black screen | HP software supportHP laptop customer service

HP laptop faces many troubleshooting problems whether it might be laptops and PC too. Many models got the back-lit black screen on boot. Moreover, touch-bar lights will switch on boot. HP software support helps clients while solving their query. This can be overcome by following four simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, the users have to remove the hard drive and battery. By loosening two Philips-head screws, the hard drive can be removed.
  2. The laptop should be switched on, but its screen should be closed. Flip it upside down and wrap the laptop with a thick blanket.
  3. Keep the laptop side so as to let them cool down, after unplugging it from the wall.
  4. The right side of the laptop should be turned up while reinstalling the hard drive and the battery.

From the above-mentioned steps, the users have successfully installed black laptop screen by following the steps. If the users are still not able to do so, then they can contact HP laptop help for any assistance from the trained technicians.

HP laptop drivers | HP laptop tech support

After the users have found the correct HP laptop device driver, they have to follow the mentioned steps:

  1. Firstly switch off the HP laptop device.
  2. Detach the device from the computer.
  3. Revive the device and switch it on.
  4. Twice press the driver download to extract.
  5. Select the language whichever is convenient, if language option appear.
  6. Whatever options available for installation program, follow the direction.
  7. Now the user should reboot the system.

From the above mentioned steps, the user can conveniently follow the steps to update laptop drivers. If the user faces any challenges while following the steps, they can easily get in touch with HP laptop customer service team for providing assistance to the customers. As there are some basic elements on which a company is dependent upon. If any element is distracted, then the company will be misbalance. So toll-free numbers were provided to the clients. Toll-free number connects the client to the independent third party HP laptop help team. But we would request the customers should go through the terms and conditions mentioned. Thereafter decide, what should be done. If they still feel the need, they can conveniently call on a toll-free number and get connected to the independent third party of HP laptop customer service team.

HP laptop touchscreen | HP laptop tech support

HP laptop touchscreen introduced by HP software support is one of the outstanding device created by the HP team. Some of its pros and con are mentioned below:

Some advantages of HP laptop touch screen are mentioned below:

  1. Touchscreens are quite cheap:

Touchscreen PC is quite cheap, and its price is not that much high as compared to their work.

  1. More quick and prompt:

The user can use the Windows 8 interface. Interacting with the computer via touch screen which is more effective and fast. It gives tips and speed for exploring PC.

  1. Handwriting supports:

Touch screen helps the user to write naturally like in a notebook. This not only saves time but also makes the pc smarter too.

  1. Multi-touch to zoom in and out for playing games:HP software support

It helps the user to play conveniently in devices like phones, touch screens. Users can play the games like fruit ninja.

Some disadvantages of HP laptop touchscreen mentioned below:

  1. Smears on screen:

Continuous touch on the screen will leave smears on the screen which requires microfiber cloth is a hassle.

  1. Life of battery is short:

Desktop does not get affected, but the laptop will run out of battery more often.

  1. Increase thickness: As compared to normal screen, touch screen requires a thicker A touchscreen will be half inch thicker, and weight would be two pounds more.
  2. It tired the hands:

If anyone is using the touchscreen for a long time, the user hands will feel tiredness. For avoiding these discomforts, the user should use a trackpad or mouse along with touch inputs like normal clicks using a mouse or trackpad.

From the above-mentioned steps, a user can easily get a clear idea about advantages as well as disadvantages of HP laptop touchscreen. If any user wants some clarity regarding the above mentioned pros and cons of HP laptop touchscreen, they can get in touch with HP laptop support number available for assistance of the clients. HP laptop help teamwork for assistance of the clients and also acts guidance to them also.

HP Laptop Customer Service | Changing the Background of Desktop in Windows 7

If you want to change the desktop screen background on your HP laptop in Windows 7, then you need to get the complete step by contacting the HP laptop customer service with the help of HP laptop support number. The support technicians present at the HP laptop tech support offers you the help you need and the information you are searching for using the HP laptop support number. If you are too busy and do not get enough time to contact the HP software support, then search for the help here. You can get the help you need here also just by performing some steps mentioned here. The troubleshooting steps mentioned in this section provide you the HP laptop help that you are looking for. You don’t feel the requirement of contacting HP software support once you perform the procedure mentioned here. We recommend the HP customers to view the steps mentioned here before contacting the HP laptop support number.

  1. Right tap the desktop background and then go to Personalize.
  2. Tap Desktop Background to launch the settings window.
  3. Choose one of the standard backgrounds to modify the desktop background, or tap Browse and go to the picture saved on the HP computer.HP laptop support number
  4. If you want to create a slideshow, choose one or more image to create the slideshow of the desktop
  5. Take the help of Change Picture Array present in the drop-down list to select how often the image changes.
  6. Take the help of Picture Position menu to modify the way the image displays on the desktop background.
  7. Tap Save changes to save the settings once you make all the adjustments.

The process is now finished, and you can easily change the background of the desktop screen without even contacting the HP laptop customer service. Once you follow the above method step by step, you don’t feel the requirement to make a call at HP laptop support number. Although, you are free to contact the HP laptop tech support if you face some trouble while using the steps provided here. The technical expert present at the HP laptop customer service will provide you the best HP laptop help and the required information to the customers. In some situations, if the customers could not be able to contact the official HP laptop tech support, they can take the help from a third-party HP software support to get the required HP laptop help and complete information. Make a call to the support number of this website which is toll-free that connects you to an independent third-party HP software support. They provide the same amount of HP laptop help at a much lower price as compared to the official HP software support. The customers need to see the terms and conditions before they contact a third-party HP laptop support number using the toll-free number of this website.

HP Laptop Tech Support | Changing the Windows and Text Appearance

The appearance of windows and text can be changed easily on an HP laptop or computer if the users are aware of the process to do so. The users can get the process from the HP laptop customer service by making a call at the HP laptop support number. The support technicians available at HP laptop tech support offers you the HP laptop help you need regarding the issue on your HP device. However, if you are busy while and don’t have time to contact the HP software support, then you have to get HP laptop help from some other source. Some steps are discussed here also that helps to change the windows and text appearances in Windows 10 as well as Windows 7. The users can perform the procedure anytime if they don’t want to contact the HP laptop customer service. Using this process, the HP users can change the appearance of Windows and text easily without taking the help of HP laptop tech support. So we recommend the users to perform the steps once they decide to contact the official HP software support.

For Windows 10:HP laptop support number

  1. Right-tap the desktop background and then choose Personalize.
  2. In the Personalization window, tap Background, then Colors, then Lock Screen, then Themes¸ then Start and at last, click Taskbar to launch the corresponding settings tab.
  3. Adjust all the settings. The changes will take place on an immediate

The process for Windows 10 is now finished, and you can call the HP laptop support number for further help.

For Windows 7:

  1. Right-tap the desktop background and then choose Personalize.
  2. Tap Window color and then choose the color square that you want.
  3. Tap Advanced appearance settings.
    • You will see the Window Color and Appearance screen.
  4. Tap the element that requires to be modified in the Item menu and then adjusts the suitable settings such as Font, Color, or Size. Modification affects the item selected. For example, if you try to modify the font while Menu is chosen, the chosen font modifies for all Windows menus, but not in the additional elements, like icon labels or the note boxes.
  5. Tap OK to apply the changes and then close the window.
  6. Tap Save Changes.

The process is now finished, and the HP customers should not feel the requirement to contact the HP laptop customer service. The steps can be followed to avoid contacting the HP laptop tech support that can be contacted using HP laptop support number. You can get the HP laptop help that you are searching here only by performing the steps mentioned above. Although, you are free to contact the official HP software support once you encounter any issue occurs while performing the process shown above. The customer support technicians available at the official HP laptop tech support will provide you the details you need and the required HP laptop help regarding the issues you are facing on your HP device. If the users could not contact the official HP laptop customer service, then we advise you to take the help of a third-party HP laptop tech support. Make a call to our support number which is toll-free, and you will be redirected to an independent third-party HP laptop support number. Make sure to see the terms and conditions page before you call the toll-free number and connect with a third-party HP software support.