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HP is an American-based international brand that manufactures digital technologies and IT hardware. Based in Palo Alto, California, HP produces and sells an inclusive collection of desktop computers, printers, software products, and other accessories. The company also makes many hardware and software in addition to laptops and desktops.

HP manufactures hardware and IT devices for all sections, ages, and categories. Irrespective of personal and commercial usage. The product manufacturing of HP passes through standardization and elevated quality parameters before launching in the market. Hence, computers, laptops, and printers from HP are incomparable. HP devices also come with attractive designs, robust performance, and top-notch features, which makes them a number-one choice for technology geeks.

Nonetheless, we cannot refute the possibility of mechanical, software, and hardware malfunctions in the devices. Consumers seek instant resolution for the errors they experience at the time of operating devices. For such circumstances, HP has created an HP customer support help desk crew that focuses on eliminating the trouble you are going through.

This article will provide information on How to Reset A HP Computer To Factory Settings with and without a password, HP Assistant Support for automatic error troubleshooting, official HP customer support phone number details, etc. Moreover, we have also provided solutions for the locked keyboard on HP laptop, HP laptop touchpad not working, and the HP laptop screen is black error. Please go through this article, and you will fetch all your HP laptop-related queries and solutions you want. Even if you cannot resolve the issues, you can also call on the number provided on the screen to opt for instant third-party support. Third-party executives will help you troubleshoot the issues.

How to Reset HP laptop >> HP Laptop Support:hp laptop reset

HP laptops comprise a recovery panel that performs similarly to a restore disc. Let us understand the mechanism of HP laptop resetting:

  • Kindly turn on the HP laptop and press the F11 key until the system shows a boost to the recovery manager command
  • After that, choose “System recovery” within “I need help immediately,” pick the left panel and hit” “Backup files,” and proceed to “‘ Next’ Option
  • Now choose a file type such as backup, proceed to “Next,” and attach an external drive to the system. Penetrate a blank CD in the drive. You can understand more when you contact the HP laptop support phone number
  • Now choose the USB drive and click ‘next’ after selecting the driver letter associate
  • Proceed with the “next’ key after the back process has finished. The recovery manager will restore the HP manager to the default state
  • After accomplishing the procedure, please go by the on-display protocols to setup windows in the system

How to Reset a HP Computer to Factory Settings :: Troubleshooting Guides

Often, it becomes difficult to operate a computer when you find a technical hurdle. These obstructions can be hardware and software. We have mentioned resetting steps for the laptop in the above section; now, we will understand how to restore HP laptop to factory settings.

  • Go to the Setting Windows within your laptop operating system by pushing the (Windows + I) Button
  • Choose the Update and Security option and proceed to the recovery tab
  • Now choose an HP laptop factory reset option. Now tap on the get started under the reset this PC section
  • The following move is to choose between files in your computer to remain on the PC after the reset is complete. You may keep my files to proceed next to restore HP laptop to factory settings
  • Now select change setting after pressing this choice not to restore settings and the app installed in the PC
  • In how to reset HP laptop to factory settings, users also have another choice: remove everything alternative. That option will make your computer entirely revive your PC into the default factory settings

In short, your PC has a new and original configuration like a first-time purchase. The removed files and clean the driver alternative will reinstate your device as a new and fresh computer. However, if you only select remove my files, it will not clear the entire data in the hard disc.

How to Reset HP laptop to Factory Settings without a Password

  • Step 1: Reboot the HP laptop by ensuring it’s completely shut down, then turn it on again
  • Kindly make your HP laptop in the reboot process and ensure it is entirely shut down. After please turn it on
  • Now press the F11 key instantly after the system reboot process finishes for troubleshooting. If the F11 button doesn’t work, you may use F9 and F10
  • Now tap on the troubleshooting and proceed to reset this PC button. Conduct according to the protocols highlighted from the earlier segment to finish the factory reset procedure

HP Assistant Support >> Automatic Error Troubleshooting:hp assistant support

HP Support Assistance tool is a software application provided by HP for their laptop and desktop computers. It provides a centralized and automated way to keep the software and drivers on your HP device up to date and assist with troubleshooting any problems you may encounter.

Some of the features of HP Support Assistant include:

  1. Automated Software and Driver Updates: HP support assists software checks for available updates and installs them automatically, ensuring your device is always running the latest version
  2. Troubleshooting: The application offers automated error troubleshooting, which can diagnose and resolve common problems on your HP device
  3. System Optimization: It provides tools and recommendations to optimize the performance of your HP device
  4. Product Information: You can access important information about your HP device, including product specifications and warranty information
  5. HP Support Access: It provides quick and easy access to HP Support, including contact options and support resources

Overall, HP Support Assistant is a helpful tool for maintaining and troubleshooting your HP device, saving you time and effort in keeping your device running smoothly.

Perform underneath activities to use the HP Support Assistant for automated error troubleshooting:-

  • Open the HP Support Assistant app on your HP laptop. You can download it from the HP website if you still need to install it.
  • Click on the “Diagnostics” or “Troubleshooting” tab.
  • Select “Automated Error Troubleshooting” from the available options.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and allow the software to run a diagnostic test on your laptop.
  • If any errors or issues are detected, the HP Support Assistant will provide recommended solutions and steps to fix the problem.
  • You can contact HP Support for further assistance if the automated troubleshooting does not resolve the issue.

Note: The genuine guidelines may fluctuate slightly based on your specific HP laptop variant and the version of the HP Support Assistant software you use. It is also easy to connect with HP Printer support to solve the common errors of the HP printer. Moreover, the HP Support Chat Live feature allow users to communicate directly with live executive who will listen to their queries and provide solutions accordingly

We have prepared blog post that explains the process of setting up an HP printer with the assistance of 123.hp.com. HP Support for Printers is constantly present to deliver extraordinary hacks to setup your printer in a finest position. Dive deep into the step-by-step guide in the “Setup HP printer via 123.HP.com” blog to ensure a seamless installation experience.

Official HP Support:

In this segment, we have delivered details associated with the official phone number for HP support. Consumers can go through these numbers and facts to seek immediate solutions. We have also provided some HP laptop resetting and error-solving guides. Our information will properly help users.

Before dialing any official phone number, email, or chat support, kindly authenticate information because the authorized company can revise and delete such phone numbers and details without intimating users.hp support number

HP Support Number
Phone Number for HP Support for feedback & complaints   (email) Email
HP Support Phone Number For Business Customers (sales) 1-(800)-108-4746
For home customers (sales) 1-(800)-108-4747
For warranty & support Australia 61 282781039
HP Business Store  (sales) 1 (800) 888-9909
HP Support Phone Number (800) 752-0900
Customer HP support number 1-888-259-5707
HP email for delivery issues Email issue
Hp Support Phone Number For The Laptop (080) 2563 3555
hp customer support number for troubleshooting (UK) 0207 660 0596
HP Printer support Service number (USA and Canada) 1-800-334-5144
HP Printer support service number Australia 61 3 8877 5000
HP Printer support Service  number UK 0870 842 2339
HP Customer Support Number 800-474-6836
Phone Number for HP Support for Touchsmart, notebook, desktop (800) 408-5408
HP Support Number Australia 61 2 8278 4492
HP Support Number Canada 888-206-0291
HP Customer Support Number USA 1 650-857-1501
Toll number support for HP 3D Scanner: (UK) +44 207 660 0403
HP Live chat support Live Chat

HP Laptop Errors: Possible solutions Guide

While using an HP computer or laptop, users might experience several technological malfunctions, software troubles, and hardware discrepancies. In the next portion, we have mentioned some common errors of HP laptops and their practical solutions; please read and understand them and solve problems independently.

How to Unlock Keyboard on HP: Easy Solution Methods

Imagine you are about to start working on your Hp system. Suddenly you detect that your HP keyboard is locked: How do you manage such a situation? IN this situation you follow underneath guide.

Please inspect whether some specific keyboard button is pressed or if your keyboard is working fine at all. Also, check whether the button on the keyboard is damaged or not.  It will make you aware of how to unlock keyboard on hp.  When ‘hp laptop keyboard locked’ situation arrive, you should not panic and instead of that call experts. HP also delivers assistance for Printers and users connect with a Phone Number for HP Support to get expert assistance with printer issues. HP Support for Printers is always there to provide magnificent solutions

Check it to the other PC if you have connected an external keyboard. If you find the keyboard locked on the HP laptop is still present, and you cannot type a single key, then the physical breaking of the keyboard is highly possible. However, if the error is not happening with other PC, kindly perform below mentioned methods to solve the HP laptop keyboard locked:

Solution1 Disable the NumLock Key

Sometimes when the user unintentionally clicks on the NumLock button, clicking the right-corner number button may not work because they are locked. Kindly turn off the NumLock button by hitting it again to unlock HP keyboard. HP Support for Printers is unfailingly there to deliver excellent guidance on phone and live chat.

Solution2:  Reinstall and Upgrade the keyboard driver

A defective and old version keyboard driver might cause the ‘HP laptop keyboard locked’ error. So what is the remedy for unlocking HP keyboard in such conditions? It is so simple; you only require upgrading or reinstalling the keyboard driver so it can work efficiently again.

Solution 3: Disable the Filter Keys

If the complete HP laptop keyboard locked, you might have accidentally switched on the Filter keys specification. It happens when you have pressed the right shift key for at least 10 seconds, and a filter key option will come in front of your screen. Therefore, your keyboard is locked on HP laptop, and you cannot write anything.

  • Please proceed to Settings in Windows and locate the “Ease of Access” option to unlock the HP keyboard.
  • Now go down to the keyboard icon and turn off the filter and sticky keys.

How To Unlock Touchpad On HP Laptop>> HP Laptop Supporthow to unlock touchpad on hp laptop

When you identify that the HP laptop touchpad is not working, it will surely hamper your work. Stress not, because every error has a rectification. If your touchpad on laptop is not working, then attempt these methods:

  • Look for a touchpad lock/unlock button or key, usually located on the top row of the keyboard.
  • If there is no such button, go to the Control Panel on your laptop and click on “Mouse” or “Touchpad” settings.
  • Check if the touchpad is disabled in the settings and enable it. It will help in solving the HP laptop touchpad not working.
  • If none of the above steps work for the touchpad not working on laptop, try restarting your computer.
  • If the touchpad still doesn’t work, try updating the touchpad drivers

Note: The proper protocols to unlock the touchpad or solutions for the touchpad on HP laptop not working may differ and are also liable on the specific HP laptop model you have.

How To Fix HP Laptop Black Screen Error:

What do you feel if your HP laptop turns on, but the screen is black? It is obviously irritating because you may not work on your computer. This portion provides sure-shot remedies for the ‘how to fix HP laptop black screen’ error. Using these techniques will save you energy and time because you can perform them within 10 to 15 minutes.

What are the Causes of the “HP laptop screen is black.”

Possible reasons for the “hp laptop black screen” error are:

  • You may not turn on the HP laptop Monitor
  • There may be a problem with brightness and hibernation adjustment
  • Your laptop contains corrupt or out-of-date drivers
  • There may be some hardware issue or internal part damage in the PC

Irrespective of any reason, you can efficiently troubleshoot the “HP computer screen black” error by making downward efforts. But you may also use the Phone Number for HP Support to get the best possible solutions from the on-call executive. There is also a HP Support Chat Live facility where an authorized representative will hear your concern and provide the best possible remedies.

Fine-Tune The Brightness

Go to the brightness adjustment button on the bottom of your monitor and press them until you find that the brightness adjustment is accurate. After that, see if the ‘HP laptop black screen’ problem has gone away or persists. If the HP laptop screen black problem is still there, we have another solution for that.

Please Switch Off Hibernation

Often hibernation documents may have been damaged. It will help if you try to turn off the hibernation file and restart your PC. The action will erase the ‘HP Laptop Black Screen Error and enable your laptop to display standard lighting again.

Updating Graphics Driver

 Old graphics drivers can stop the monitor from displaying accurately. In that case, users must attempt updating the BIOS because it can be the root origin of the “hp laptop screen black’’ error.

Conduct a Hard Reset for the HP laptop

People should distinguish between HP laptop hard reset and ‘reset HP laptop to factory settings. These both terms and processes are different from each other. Meanwhile, you may contact HP Support for Printers to get your HP Printer in error state solved effectively. The HP Support Chat Live also ensures you can converse with the official spokesperson for the finest outcomes. Moreover, HP Printer Support is reliably available to offer remarkable solutions.

Sometimes corrupt firmware or any other in-built computer application can become an obstacle screen display. Hence conducting a hard reset on an HP laptop is one of the solutions. You can learn ‘how to hard reset an HP laptop?’ by practicing bottom-explained sequences

  • Please unplug your PC from the connected power switch
  • Also, dismantle the battery from the PC
  • Unplug all components of the PC, including the power cable, mouse, keyboard, etc.
  • Now push and pause the power switch for a minimum of 10 to 15 seconds
  • Now rewire the power cable with the socket but part the battery from the PC and perform a PC restart

The hard reset will not erase your data from the PC. However, it can remove firmware and driver issues hindering your screen from showing. It will help solve the “HP laptop black screen” error.

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HP Support from Our Experts:hpsupport com

In this article , we have provided information on How to Reset A HP Computer To Factory Settings with and without a password, HP Assistant Support for automatic error troubleshooting, official HP customer support phone number details, etc. Moreover, we have also provided solutions for locked keyboard on HP laptop, HP laptop touchpad not working, and the HP laptop screen is black error. Please go through this article, and you will fetch all your HP laptop-related queries and solutions you want. Additionally sharing your HP queries and problems with a third-party customer support team is a good move. They will deliver magnificent solutions at one go for all faults and queries related to HP laptops. By contacting the number provided on the screen, you will be directly connected to independent third-party support team. Executive will help you troubleshoot problems regarding your device.