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Asus is a Technology product manufacturer that produces computer hardware and technological devices for users and organizational entities. The company is the brainchild of Ted Hsu Wayne Hsieh, M.T. Liao, and T.H. Tung. The company saw the light of existence in 1989. The head office of Asus is in Taipei, Taiwan

Asus produces different computer hardware and IT-oriented gadgets, including mobile phones, PC motherboards, laptops, networking devices, graphic cards, and much more. It is among the most extensive computer peripherals and IT-based gadgets manufacturing brands, with a market capitalization of 6.56 billion till january 2023.

The current article focuses on “how to setup Asus router,” “how to update ASUS router firmware,” and “how to factory reset Asus router.” Furthermore, we have also provided official Asus customer service numbers in a specific section. Users can also get solutions for “touchpad not working on Asus laptop”   and keyboard locked on Asus laptop in this self-help guide. Keep reading the article and quickly seek answers to your queries about Asus components. However, users can connect with independent or third-party customer service to obtain immediate and bother-free solutions by calling the number provided on the screen. Executives on the call will listen to your query and guide you with the troubleshooting steps.

How To Setup Asus Router: A Quick and Simple Guide

After purchasing an Asus router, you should perform an Asus router setup, and this quick and simple guide will assist in setting up Asus router. Users will require a PC, Ethernet wire, and Asus router connected to the power switch.

Use the succeeding procedure for Asus router setup:-

  • Ensure that the router has already connected to the modem to deliver the local network uninterrupted internet connectivity.
  • Now, take the Ethernet wire and connect one side to the WAN port on the back of the router device.
  • Attach the other side of the Ethernet wire inside Ethernet or LAN port on the back of the modem.
  • Now connect one end of the power adapter to the router and the other end to the power outlet
  • Wait for the router to show power on the light blinking. Do not stress about ‘how to login to Asus router’ because you will get to know in the preceding steps
  • After that, open your web browser and write the Asus router login URL, which typically occurs like in the address bar
  • Then you must perform ‘Asus router login’ to configure your router settings on the device.
  • Write the username and password of the device in the given brackets. This information on the Asus router login IP address will appear like this username: Admin, Password: Admin
  • It will provide you answer to ‘how to access Asus router?’ as you can access the router setting page.
  • Now, if you want, you may change the default Asus router password at your convenience.
  • Act like the presented protocols on the screen for the Asus router reset password.
  • Finally, press the save button to confirm the Asus router login password change.

Now your Asus router setup is ready, and you can use it anytime with zero obstructions. However, in case of any significant issue you may not solve, you must contact Asus router support from a third-party support team.

How To Update Asus Router Firmware>> ASUS Support

Before getting to the Asus firmware download and update procedure, let us understand the mechanism of the firmware. Firmware is a diminutive software that the user must install into the router (hardware). Like windows and other operating systems work for your computer and PC, Firmware also acts as an operational device for your router. support asus router

Firmware usually notifies Asus firmware download and updates from time to time. When you perform an ‘Asus router update,’ ensure that the update comes with a defense against malware and infected files. Updating Asus router firmware can optimize Asus router and make it secure to prevent viruses and malicious files. Kindly Perform underneath activities to ensure the Asus router firmware update:-

  • Perform Asus router login by any of mentioned techniques
  • Redirect to the Asus admin login page on the left corner of the menu
  • Tap on the Asus firmware updates option and click on it
  • Now press the ‘Check’ option adjacent to the ‘Check Update Line.’ The process may consume a few minutes to finish
  • Users will find a new option named ‘Firmware Upgrade’ if a new firmware is accessible. Please select and hit on it if you wish to authentic to conduct the automatic Asus router update process
  • Pause for a couple of minutes to end the Asus router update process
  • Please look for the ASUS router admin login page and redirect to the Asus router update & firmware update segment.

Asus Support Phone Numbers:

In this portion, we have collected contact details of the Official Asus customer service number. Consumers can easily find all authorized Asus phone numbers for router and laptop support.

Kindly confirm the authenticity of the official numbers given in underneath section. Authorized company may change their number at any time without notifying the users. So check the official website of ASUS Service before using these numbers.asus contact number

Asus Support Numbers & Chat
Asus Support Phone Number USA 1-888-678-3688
Asus Customer Support Number Canada 1-812-282-2787
Asus Store Support 1-855-755-2787
Asus Product Support Number 1-888-616-2787
Asus Commercial Support 1-888-606-2787
Asus phone support UK 01442 265548
Asus Customer Service Number India 1800-2090365
Asus Chat Support Online Chat support

Solve ASUS laptop Problems & ASUS Router Errors:

Underneath the segment, we have highlighted some of the fundamental problems of Asus routers and laptops. We urge every user to go through all these solutions provided in the section and benefit from them.

Asus Router Firmware Upgrade Failed:

Suppose you have attempted to Asus firmware update, but it fails, then you may practice downward steps:

  • Please push Reset Key on the router and pause for 30 seconds
  • While staying in the reset option, please detach the graphic card from the router. Remain it in the detached position for a minimum of 5 to 10 seconds
  • After waiting for 5 to 10 seconds, please release the Reset option that you have paused
  • Now access the Asus WIFI router login page
  • After opening the Asus WIFI router login page, you will find the ‘Management Mode Firmware Upgrade’ Page
  • Hit the ‘Browse’ option, choose the firmware file in the local folder, and press the ‘Apply’ option

Now use the on-screen guidelines to finish updating Asus router firmware process.

How to Reset Asus Router to Factory Settings:

Factory reset is essential when you want to reconfigure your router as it was in the beginning. Sometimes users conduct Asus router hard reset to erase all configurations available on the router. You can do it by two methods.

Method 1: When You Don’t Remember The Password Or Username, Or You Have Forgotten Them

Occasionally, when you forget login credentials, including the password and username of the ASUS router. Due to such an event, you may not be able to sign in to your account. The sole remedy for such a problem is to reset Asus router to factory settings.

  • Conduct the explained practice in the bottom lines for the Asus router reset to factory settings.
  • Search for Reset Key on the behind side of the ASUS router
  • Push and pause the Reset key for at least 5 to 10 seconds and wait for the LED power blinks on the forward-facing of the ASUS router
  • Hold for a few seconds, so the router restarts and reset the setting to the factory version.
  • Now you can sign in with the help of the default username and password (admin/admin) and reset it from the beginning.

Method 2:  If You Remember the Username and Password

When you are aware of the password and users for the ASUS router, kindly go to the PC that has been linked with a router and visit Asus wireless router login page

  • Now enter your username and correct password to log in with your account
  • Proceed to the admin page, find the navigation “Restore/Save/Upload Setting,” and click the Restore option adjacent to ‘Factory Default.’
  • Now the message will appear that every present setting is removed, and the system will automatically restore the router to its default settings.
  • Now click ok to proceed with the reset request.
  • Asus router begins the reset process instantly and will consume nearly 3 to 5 minutes to accomplish.
  • The LED lights on the router will blink throughout the entire reset processing.
  • After you reset the Asus router to factory setting, you can easily reassemble your ASUS router and all its configuration.

Asus Touchpad Disabled Error:

If you detect the touchpad not working on the Asus laptop, it may create hurdles for you. Your work will hinder due to the Asus vivobook touchpad not working issue. However, no requirement to suppress your anxiety because we have a sure-shot remedy for such a problem; please watch out:

Method 1 Enabling The Touchpad From The Keyboard And Pc Settings

Ensure ASUS you have enabled the ASUS touchpad because you cannot use your laptop because of the Asus touchpad disabled issue.

  • Use the keyboard and hit the Windows+I button simultaneously to open the setting page.
  • Tap on the devices, then the touchpad, and then Additional settings
  • Now check if the touchpad is enabled or not. Please hit on the apply>OK button
  • After that, confirm whether the touchpad works or not

Method 2 Please Update Asus Touchpad Driver

The Asus laptop touchpad, not scrolling problems can occur because of outdated and wrong touchpad drivers.

  • Install and Download the touchpad driver Easy
  • After that, run Driver Easy
  • Press the SCAN NOW option
  • Driver Easy starts to scan the PC and identifies any error on the drivers
  • Press the UPDATE option close to the highlighted touchpad driver to download the accurate version of the driver automatically
  • Now users can install the driver manually
  • Now Reboot your Window and Restart your PC

By applying both methods, now Asus zenbook touchpad not working issue has been resolved, and you can use your laptop without any bother. If somehow you cannot update drivers, you must not hesitate to contact Asus driver support representative for help. Getting Asus service is always beneficial to troubleshoot petite and significant issues.

Unlock Asus Laptop’s Keyboard:how to unlock keyboard on asus laptop

At times, you may have been bothered because your keyboard locked on Asus laptop, which is irritating. The first aspect in your brain during the issue is to find ‘how to unlock keyboard on Asus laptop?’ These errors come because of various causes. However, don’t stress your head, as it also has a possible fix to unlock the locked keyboard on the ASUS laptop.

The Main causes of the ‘Asus laptop keyboard locked’ error are:-

  1. User may have unintentionally pushed any button grouping that locks your keyboard
  2. Your Asus PC might have any hardware and software malfunction

In these conditions, users can attempt the subsequent measures that will facilitate their keyboard to function again.

Method-1 Restart your ASUS PC or Computer

The initial practice is to attempt an ASUS computer and PC restart because a PC restart can fix more than 90% of such issues. Restring can let your system resume the default configuration.

Method -2 Update Keyboard Drivers

  • Please update keyboard drives; you can do it by going to the Device manager.
  • Reinstalling and updating drivers can solve the ‘keyboard not working on Asus laptop’ error.
  • After opening Device manager, please left-click on the sign on the keyboard and right-click on the “Standard PS/2 keyboard.”
  • Now, navigate to its properties to update or uninstall the driver.
  • Users need first to uninstall the driver before they want to reinstall the driver.
  • After that, restart your ASUS laptop

Method 2 Please Turn Off The Filter Key

Confirm that the filter keys of the keyboard are off. If they are on, then you need to turn them off. Such a configuration can make your Asus laptop keyboard locked.

Method 4 Troubleshoot Keyboard

Sometimes you may be unable to identify the issue leading to the keyboard locked on Asus laptop error. Hence you can go to Windows troubleshooter to detect the cause of the problem.

  • Type troubleshooting in the search box of the windows
  • Now proceed to the “Additional troubleshooters”:
  • Choose the keyboard icon and hit on “Run the troubleshooter,” and Windows will begin to identify any possible issues
  • These are a few prominent methods that will indeed support efficiently resolving the Asus keyboard lock problem.

Asus Support: Get Support from Our Expertsasus customer support

In the article mentioned above, we have paid attention to “how to setup Asus router,” “how to update ASUS router firmware,” and “how to factory reset Asus router.” Furthermore, we have also provided official Asus customer service numbers in a specific section. Users can also get solutions for “touchpad not working on Asus laptop” and keyboard locked on Asus laptop. Our efforts will help users operate Asus routers and laptops. Additionally, we recommend that every user fetch the assistance of a third-party customer support crew for precise and instant solutions for any error and operating malfunction in the Asus router and other devices.