firefox supportMozilla Firefox was founded in 1988 by the members of Netscape. Before Firefox Internet explorer ruled the world of browsers. In 2004, Mozilla Firefox broke the internet record with over 60 million downloads. Mozilla Firefox was the number 1 browser till the Google Chrome Browser came into existence. Now, Google Chrome is the number 1 used browser but still Mozilla Firefox has about 198 million users in 2021 and it is the 4th ranked browsers in the world in terms of consumers. Mozilla Firefox offers many features such as Add-ons, bookmarks, synchronization etc.

In this article we have provided guide for Mozilla Firefox download, how to install Firefox, updating Firefox, Firefox not responding, Firefox freezing etc. You can read the article to find the solution to your Firefox problems. If you are having trouble in executing these steps, you can call on the number provided on your computer screen. You will be connected to an independent third party service provider executive. They will listen to you and try to solve your Firefox problems.

How to download Firefox >> Mozilla Firefox download help

In order to start using Mozilla Firefox you need to download it first. The process of Firefox download is pretty simple and easy. We have provided guide on how to download and install Mozilla Firefox for mac, Mozilla Firefox download for windows, how to install Firefox for windows and android.

How to download Firefox for windows >> Firefox download help

If you want to download Firefox for windows then you can follow these steps-mozilla firefox download

  • Go to browser and type Mozilla Firefox download for windows
  • Or tap on this link
  • You will be directed to Firefox official page
  • Click on the download icon that says “Download Firefox”
  • Wait for the Firefox latest version to be downloaded

Mozilla Firefox download for windows is completed

How to install Firefox browser on Windows >> Install Firefox on desktop help

  • Now open Firefox latest version from the files
  • Go to downloads
  • Search for “Firefox setup” file
  • Double tap on the setup to install
  • Pop up window will be shown to you
  • Click on “Run” and “Next”

This how you install Mozilla Firefox on your windows device

How to download Firefox for mac >> Download Firefox for mac help

How to download Firefox for mac query can be resolved very easily just follow the steps to continue with the download of Firefox for mac-install firefox

  • In your mac device visit browser
  • Visit official site of Mozilla Firefox
  • Tap on “Download Firefox”
  • Firefox download will start automatically

This how you download Mozilla Firefox for mac.

How to install Firefox on Mac >> Install Firefox on Mac help

This is how you install Firefox on Mac. Follow these steps-

  • dmg file will open automatically after the Firefox download is completed
  • Drag this file to the apps folder in the settings
  • tap and hold the control button and select eject Firefox from the menu, while holding this window
  • You can even add Firefox to the dock by dragging it to the dock

Install Firefox on Mac process is completed.

Mozilla Firefox official Support Numbers

mozilla support

Mozilla Firefox provides many features such as you can add bookmarks of favorites, shortcuts for easy access of your daily visits, you can even syc data, just download the applications and add it to Firefox by using Firefox add-on feature, open new private video for private browsing and many more. These features make it choice of millions of people. If you want the guide to access these features you can use this guide. We have provided solution to the Firefox problems here in this article if you still want official Firefox support then, you can connect to the Firefox on their official support.

Mozilla Firefox official support

How to update Mozilla Firefox >> Firefox latest update

Updating Firefox is pretty simple. This method is pretty similar in all the devices therefore you can use this method for all devices. You can update Firefox from the browser itself

  • Tap on the three lines at the top rightmost corner
  • Click on help
  • Select “About Firefox”
  • Now if your browser is up to date it will show the message “Your browser is up to date”
  • Tap on Firefox support from the bottom
  • firefox updateOtherwise you can update it from here


  • Go to official Firefox website or tap on this link –
  • Tap on “Download Firefox” option you will get Firefox latest update automatically once you install Firefox

Updating Firefox is simple and easy

How to update Mozilla Firefox query is resolved.

How to fix Firefox keeps crashing >> Fix Firefox problems

If you have added some add-ons that are not supported by Firefox, this might be a reason for Firefox keeps crashing problem. Follow these steps to make this Firefox problem fix-

  • Open the Firefox browser in your device
  • Tap on help
  • After tapping on help you need to choose troubleshooting information
  • Troubleshooting information page will pop
  • Now search for give Firefox a tune up
  • Click on give Firefox a tune Up
  • Hit on Refresh Firefox
  • You could see a “Success” message

This will solve your Firefox keeps crashing problem.

firefox keeps crashing

How to solve Firefox keeps freezing issue >> Firefox troubleshooting

  • If Firefox keeps freezing on your device then first try delete history from the settings then privacy and history to clear your History. You can update your browser this can also solve Firefox keeps freezing problem.
  • Otherwise follow these steps-
  • In your search bar type about: support
  • Now you could see troubleshooting information page
  • Select profile folder
  • Open the folder and select SQLite file name or file with similar name
  • Tap on yes

This will solve your Firefox keeps freezing issue

What to do when Firefox not loading pages? >> Firefox slow loading pages help

Firefox slow loading pages can be solved simply by deleting the web history just

  • Press ctrl + H
  • You will be bought down to historyfirefox not loading pages
  • In the left side you could see “clear browsing data”
  • Tap on “clear browsing data”
  • Now here checkmark on Browser History, Download history, Cookies and other site data, Cache images and files. Here, if you want to delete the Password and other sign in details and other form data, then also checkmark on these
  • This will clear your browser history this might solve your problem of Firefox not loading pages
  • If this does not solve Firefox slow loading pages then you should check for these-
  • Update your browser from the detailed steps provided above
  • If all 3 methods does not work then this will definitely work, if there is issue in the browser otherwise check your device for storage and RAM
    1. Next you can try about:config
    2. Tap on “Accept risk & continue”
    3. Search for network.http3.enabled
    4. Modify the settings from true to false

How to solve Firefox server not found issue >> Firefox problems guide

You will face Firefox server not found issue then you need to first need to check your internet connection. If your internet connection is not stable then you will not be able to access the browser or you might face Firefox problems. If your device has proper internet connection then, check your DNS connection

  • Go to control panel from your desktop
  • Tap on “Network & Sharing”
  • Click on current connection
  • Choose properties
  • Choose “Use the following DNS server”
  • Enter “”
  • In “Alternate DNS server” enter “”
  • Hit on “ok” to save changes

Firefox Support from Us

firefox support phone numberFirefox is a browser which broke the internet in 2004 with 60 million downloads. Its features make it very user friendly and easy to access. Even today there are around 198 million users for Mozilla Firefox, according to a report in 2021. Therefore it is the 4th most used browsers after Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge. Here we have provided a guide on Mozilla Firefox download, how to install Firefox, updating Firefox, Firefox not responding, Firefox not loading pages etc. You can use this guide to solve your Mozilla problems. Although we have provided a clear and step by step solution, if you are still stuck somewhere or are unable to perform any step or procedure. You can call on the independent third party customer support number. Independent third party executive will pick your call and answer to your queries in the best manner.