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Norton Antivirus has safeguarded billions of computers and laptops from malware, Trojans, and infected files for more than three decades. Many attributes and specifications of the Norton have obtained appreciation. Consequently, it is a robust cybersecurity tool for guarding your PC. Norton Antivirus software facilitates erasing malware and viruses from your PC. The program protects your computer against destructive files trying to enter your system. Antivirus software detects and removes infected documents, spyware, and corrupt files.

Knowing the features of the Norton program, you can install and download it for your computer’s security. But sometimes we don’t understand “how to download Norton Antivirus” or “how to disable Norton antivirus”; therefore, you may want technical support. The difficulty you sense while installing and operating antivirus needs an efficient solution. Consider only reliable and highly appreciated antivirus, and Norton has created global standards in this specific niche.

In this article, users will obtain information about “Download and Install Norton 360 Security”, “How to Uninstall Norton 360 Software”, “Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool,” “How to cancel Norton Antivirus subscription,” and the official Norton Antivirus Support number. Additionally, we have delivered proven solutions and step to step guides for errors such as Security errors 8504,104 and Norton Antivirus Live Update fail. Go through the entire article carefully to know more about Norton antivirus-related details.

How to Install and Download Norton 360 Security Software

You can only use Norton antivirus or Norton 360 Security Software when you download it on your PC precisely. Underneath sequence will tell you the whole Install Norton Security practice; please have a glance:-

  1. Go to the Internet and type download Norton download and install for PC
  2. Click on the official URL given on the web results
  3. Now create an account with the help of an email address and password
  4. Now login with the use of your registered email and password credentials
  5. If you logged in as a beginner after buying the software from a computer that hasn’t downloaded Norton Security installed. Now you can pick from two alternatives: install on this device or install on another PC.
  6. Press Agree and Download to start installing Norton Antivirus on your presently available device.
  7. Once you finish the Norton antivirus download process, you may have a downloader program from Norton.
  8. You need to tap on the downloader and run it. You will see that the norton360 download and installation process will begin
  9. After that, please perform as per the guidelines that appear on the device.
  10. The Norton software is downloaded and installed on your PC when complete. This sequence is also valuable for the ‘Norton utilities download’ procedure.

Norton installation on other Devices:

If you need to install your Norton security software onto another device (computer or mobile), follow these simple steps:

  • Users can perform ‘Norton 360 install’ on another PC or computer efficiently, acting as per instructions provided in the underneath segment
  •  Please sign in with your email and password into your Norton password manager app or
  • At the right side of the Norton Management Index page, tap on the download Norton and select ‘Do you want to add more devices?’
  • Now choose the ‘install on another device’ tab and do as the screen guidelines say. In this procedure, you receive an installation URL in your email through which you can finish the method accordingly.

norton securedHow to Uninstall Norton 360 Software:

In the above section, we have provided primary and proven steps to install and download Norton software. Now we are giving you a method of uninstalling Norton 360 security software:-

  • Go to the start key present below the left side and press the control panel
  • After opening the control panel, you will see your operating systems, such as Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10
  • Now you can select open uninstall/add/remove/ program and feature
  • You will see the log files of the program that has been installed on the PC
  • Now tap the software, such as Norton Antivirus, if you wish to uninstall Norton 360.
  • You may press the remove or uninstall button for uninstallation of Norton on your PC
  • Press on the complete uninstall Norton security or finish the uninstall the software
  • You must restart your device to finish the complete Norton uninstalling procedure

Norton Remove & Reinstall Tool:

As the name indicates, The Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool erases different Norton software comprising Norton 360, Norton Security, Norton Internet Security, and much more.

Norton reinstall and remove tool varies based on the program that your device contains. You must understand that Norton reinstalling is easy with this tool. Here are the steps to download the Norton removal tool

  • Download the program from the official website and run it on your device
  • Save that file to any drive or Desktop
  • Click twice on the file to open
  • Now, please perform as per the directions given on the monitor
  • After reinstalling Norton tool, please restart your PC

After running the Norton removal tool, remember to reinstall Norton tool instantly. You can download Norton reinstall tool by acting like the below-explained techniques

  • Kindly logged-in to Norton Management to download the reinstall Norton tool
  • Please submit a similar email address and password that you registered earlier
  • Within the product option, you choose to reinstall Norton 360 and press the download button
  • Now read the directions and perform accordingly to finish the Norton reinstallation procedure
  • That is how users can efficiently conduct the Norton removal tool download process.

How to Cancel Norton Antivirus Subscription:

You can cancel a Norton Antivirus subscription service you don’t want anymore. Act like underneath strides to cancel your Norton subscriptions:-

  • Please open the official website of the Norton
  • Now log in with the correct email and password
  • Navigate to the ‘MY Norton’ Section in the top right edge
  • Proceed to ‘Automatic Renewal Settings.’
  • Swipe the slider to OFF adjacent to the Norton Tool if you desire to disable and cancel the Norton renewal subscription.
  • Now validate Norton cancel a subscription by pressing the Turn off button.

Important note: Before knowing and performing “how to disable Norton, you must understand that after you cancel Norton subscription renewal, please keep in mind the following aspects such as:-

  • All perks and advantages related to the Norton auto renewal subscription may become null and void if you cancel the subscription.
  • It may consume a couple of hours after you apply for the command to finish the cancel subscription process.

We anticipate that you got the answer to your question, ‘how to cancel a Norton subscription? However, you can seek accurate solutions for your Norton problems with the independent support team.

Norton Antivirus Customer Service Phone Numbers:

We have created this whole section to deliver the details of the Official Norton customer care numbers. The Norton customer care representative is already there to lend a supporting hand to users whenever required. However, we recommend that every Norton user understand the points mentioned in our article. This writing material is an informative and self-help guide for users of Norton Antivirus. You can quickly reach the Norton customer care helpdesk if you want assistance.

Please validate all contact details before using them because official entities tend to change their contact details without sending any advance phone number

Norton Number
Norton customer service number 855-815-2726
Norton live chat Live Chat
Norton support number 44 (0)20 7616 5600
Norton support phone number Australia 61 1800 680 026
Norton antivirus phone number for technical help 800-927-3991

Norton Antivirus Errors:

Without a single question, Norton is a superb antivirus program to safeguard your PC and computer. But that doesn’t indicate that it is free from trouble or error. Often consumers come across many issues and errors while operating the program. We have attempted to give a few generic errors reasons and solutions here. Norton error 8504, which is also known as Norton Internet Security Error 8504, has many variants, such as

  • Norton Security Error 8504, 0
  • Norton Security Error 8504
  • Norton Security Error 8504, 5
  • Norton Security Error 8504 and 104
  • Norton Security Error 8504 and 100
  • Norton Security Error 8504 102
  • Norton Security Error 8504 106
  • Norton Error 8504 and 101

Norton Error 8504 and 101:norton error 8504

We must know the cause behind the 8504 error prior to succeeding in the troubleshooting steps:-

  • The conflict between other software and Norton
  • The installation process of Norton may be incomplete
  • The downloaded file has become broken or damaged
  • Windows registry has inconsistency that can cause trouble for New Norton software
  • Windows files are corrupt because of malicious documents, Trojans, or virus

Norton 8504 Error Troubleshooting:

  • Kindly delete, erase or uninstall other antivirus programs or free version protection tool
  • Switch on your computer or laptop and find whether any antivirus software exists in the system or not
  • If you find any existing antivirus tool or free version of a protection tool in a window, kindly uninstall it instantly
  • Please hit the Windows +R key to introduce the RUN box
  • Write “appwiz.cpl” in the Run box and press enter
  • After you complete the sequence explained in the upper segment, you can verify all installed programs in the device
  • Now locate the unwanted free or antivirus program
  • Tap on the ‘uninstall’ or “Remove” software
  • Users should adhere to protocols that appear on the screen in sequence to remove or uninstall chosen software
  • Once you have performed the uninstallation action, please restart your PC or computer

Easy Fixing Norton Live Update Failed Error:

Now we are proceeding towards giving solutions or Norton live update failure error. But we must understand the causes behind the Norton update failed error before knowing the troubleshooting guidance:-

Norton Antivirus Live Update Fail

Some of the reasons for Norton live update failure are:-

  • Hard disc space has reached its maximum limit
  • Wrong installation or incorrect Norton antivirus setup
  • Incomplete installation and setup of Norton software
  • Other antivirus and windows firewall residual documents are still available on the device
  • Norton subscription has expired or outdated version of Norton software
  • Windows Update has become corrupt
  • Make sure you have a recent version of Norton software and its update. If it is not present, then the PC speed may hamper, and Norton will begin damaging the system

Solutions for Norton Software Updater Failed Error:

Please proceed as given lines underneath to fix Norton live updater failed error.

  • Inspect the Norton software subscription and version. If it has expired, then renew it instantly to get new updates. Moreover, always install the latest version to avoid any updated failed error
  • Kindly disable Windows Firewall because Norton Antivirus has an in-built firewall, which may create a conflict between Windows and Norton software.
  • Also, uninstall, disable, or remove other antivirus software if it is already on the machine. Running two different antivirus software can draw a tussle between the two programs.
  • Clear and remove unwanted files to make your hard drive free. When a hard drive is full, it may become an obstacle for Norton to run fruitfully.

Norton Antivirus Support by Ussupport for norton

In the present article, we have delivered the information regarding “Install and Download Norton 360 Security”, “How to Uninstall Norton 360 Software”, “Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool”, “How to cancel Norton Antivirus subscription”, and the official Norton Antivirus Support number. Furthermore, we have included tested solutions and how-to instructions for issues like Security problems 8504,104 and Norton Antivirus Live Update fail. For additional details about material related to Norton antivirus, attentively read the complete text. Moreover, we suggest that every user connects with a third-party customer support phone number instead of an official one. It will save consumers immense energy, time, and funds.