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at&t supportATT was established in 1876 by none other than the inventor of the phone, Alexander Graham Bell and Gardiner Greene Hubbard. ATT, which is known as American Telephone and Telegraph Company, was the world’s largest telecommunication Company by then. ATT was ranked as the 9th in the US Corporation, by the report of fortune magazine. Alexander Graham Bell and Gardiner Greene Hubbard (who was father in law of Graham Bell) also founded Bell Telephone Company that was founded in 1877, earlier than ATT. Initially Bell Telephone Company was the parent company of American Telephone and Telegraph Company. In 1899, American Telephone and Telegraph Company became independent from its parent company by acquiring its assets. SBCglobal acquired ATT in 2005 but the brand name of ATT remained the same. Later the acquisition ATT became a powerful Company, a lot than earlier. Now, ATT comes under Yahoo Mail services

In this write up we have provided you a guide on ATT email login issues, ATT not working, ATT issues and AT&T support. We have covered everything related to ATT therefore you can read the article for ATT issues. In case you are having trouble in executing the steps provided here then, you can call on the number provided on your computer screen. As soon as you call on this number you will be connected to an independent third party customer service executive. They will pick up your call and answer to your questions one by one.

How to create account at ATT >> ATT sign up help

ATT create account process is simple and pretty straightforward. ATT account creation will provide you free 1000GB mail storage and free email service. Just follow these steps to create account at ATT webmail.

  • Visit your browser and enter or just tap on the link
  • You could see sign up option at the top rightmost corner
  • Create account tab will open
  • Enter or choose a username
  • Select one domain, you can choose from or
  • Next you have to enter your first name and last name
  • Verify your age by entering you Date of birth
  • Tap on “Continue”
  • In the next step you have to enter recovery mobile number if you forget password or for email ID in that case you can use recovery email
  • Now, put in your ZIP code and alternate email ID
  • In this step you have to verify your ID by entering the code sent to your mobile number
  • Answer some security questions and enter continue

Your account has been created on ATT emailat&t login

How to proceed with AT&T login >> ATT net email login help

ATT login procedure is pretty simple but before login you have to create account at ATT by using steps provided in the above section. For sign in proceed with these step-

  • Tap on this link
  • Enter login details like your email ID and password
  • Now, tap on continue

You have completed the sign in

What to do if you forget password >> ATT forgot password help

If you forget ATT password then don’t worry we have provided you solution to ATT issues. Follow these steps to get your password reset.

  • Visit the official page of ATT or just tap on this link
  • Enter your user ID then click on “Forgot password”
  • Enter your phone number which have saved in recovery mobile number
  • Code will be generated
  • Enter the code
  • Now, you need to proceed by entering new password and continue

This completes your ATT password reset procedure.

ATT Official Support

In this section we have shared you ATT official phone numbers. We have searched it and gathered it for you. We have provided the solution to ATT issues here as well therefore we advise you to read the article or call on our numbers to connect to an independent third party. However if you want official ATT support then you can call on the numbers delivered here. These numbers are correct and are sourced from reliable internet sources. But if the number changes we are not held responsible for the same.att email support

AT&T support email for reporting abuse [email protected]
AT and T support customer service number 800-526-2655
ATT help support technical 800-331-0500
ATT customer support contact number 888-333-6651

How to resolve ATT email login issues >> ATT email problems solution

ATT which is American Telephone and Telegraph Company was taken over by the Yahoo in 2008. ATT is the oldest communication provider by today (2020), ATT has turnover of about $181. Even though, ATT has millions of subscribers and is a successful telecommunication and email company. You can still face some ATT email login issues. Don’t worry we will guide through the ATT email problems and find a solution to them.

For ATT email login issues

When you are facing ATT email login issues try this solution. Look at these steps for ATT email problems.

  • Check your login credentials first. Re-enter or check your ATT email ID or password. Make sure Caps Lock is off while entering the password. You can even try to reset your password if you have forgot you password.
  • You should try logging out and then logging in again. This step can provide you solution for ATT not working problem.
  • Check what type of email service you are using. Internet emails or the dynamic emails. It is better to use Internet emails otherwise you have to make some manual setting which we will discuss later.
  • Check for emails in the trash. Sometimes it senses emails as spam and pits them in the trash.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the browser otherwise update it. You can download the latest version from the official website and then install it. Your browser will be up to date after this and this may solve your ATT email problems.
  • Clear cookies and cache from the browser. Go to privacy and security > cache and cookies > clear cache and cookies and disable firewall.

att issuesTry following these steps it might solve ATT email login issues otherwise proceed to the next part

ATT Email Login Issues >> ATT Email Not Working on iPhone

In this section we have provided you help related to ATT email not working on iPhone. Kindly go through it carefully so that you are able to solve these ATT email problems without the help of the ATT customer support.

  • Go to settings in your iPhone
  • Tap on “Mail, Calendars and Contacts”
  • Hit on “Add account”
  • After tapping on the “Add Account” option you need to follow the instructions from the screen
  • Now select “Incoming Mail Server” choose “IMAP”
  • Choose a hostname as “”
  • In SSL, select Port 995
  • Next in the “Username” column enter your email ID and proceed by entering your password for ATT email account
  • Under “Outgoing Mail Server” select “” as the hostname
  • In SSL, select Port 465
  • Now enter your email ID and password again

This completes your IMAP and SMTP manual settings in iPhone and thus will solve the problem of ATT email not working on iPhone.

ATT Mail Setting for Windows >> ATT Help for Outlook

The process is pretty similar to iPhone. It’s just that the interface is bit different. Let’s quickly begin the ATT mail setting for Windows.

  • Open Mail in your desktop
  • Go to files and proceed to “Account settings”
  • Select IMAP enter your email ID and password
  • Enter in IMAP or Incoming Mail Server
  • For Outgoing Mail Server or SMTP enter
  • Now, here open advance tab under SSL Outgoing Port select 465
  • Under Incoming Port enter 995
  • Tap on finish to end the process

ATT mail settings for Windows is provided here.

ATT Email Supports by us

att helpATT email was the best and initial email service as it was introduced in the beginning era of internet. ATT was founded by the inventor of the phone, Alexander Graham Bell and Gardiner Greene Hubbard his father in law in the year 1876. In this article we have discussed everything related to ATT email login issues, ATT not working, ATT mail setting and how to create ATT email account etc. But if you are having trouble in performing the steps or are unable to understand a certain step, so you can call on the number provided here. You will be connected to the executive of an independent third party service provider. They will pick your call and as technical experts they will clear your doubts related to ATT email and provide you ATT help.