safari-supportSafari is one of the most prevalent browsers on earth. Almost every apple user in the world is a fan of the safari interface. Almost every iOS device owner prefers Safari over any other browser since they are used to it and have familiarised themselves with it. However, as much as we praise Safari, the user interface of Safari is undeniably a little complicated to understand. Significantly, first-time Safari users may suffer several safari problems, such as Safari not working on iphone, Safari not working on Mac, or Safari not working on iPad. Today, the safari browser is the second most used browser in the world, and it comes only after Google Chrome, which is known for its high data integrity and data security. Developed and maintained by apple, the browser was initially released in 2003 and is now one of the most trusted web browsers. However, if you’re transiting from chrome to Safari, you might just find yourself searching “my safari is not working.” Safari is generally super quick, but sometimes you may not be able to load a website. This could be due to the problems on the website’s side. Do not panic if your Safari not working. Troubleshooting simple safari issues, such as MacBook safari not working, could be problematic for first-time safari users. However, don’t worry! We’re here for you, and today, we shall see different safari issues such as Safari google search not working, Safari too many redirects, and how you can solve these safari problems.

If you can’t resolve Safari-related problems, call on the phone number given on this webpage. It will connect your call to an independent third-party Safari support team. The safari support team will help you resolve all your Safari issues. Make sure you’re well known to the terms before calling to an independent third-party Safari support help team.

Safari Support | Safari Problems and Solutions

safari-problemsSafar users are often seen fussing and complaining about issues such as Safari not loading pages on iphone, Safari keeps reloading, and safari slow loading. There are multiple reasons for safari slow loading pages and Safari not loading images. Some safari issues are given below, and a few quick Safari supports for fixes to Safari not loading and safari slow loading. Implement these Safari setups to resolve safari problems.

  • Check your internet

Many times, Safari keeps reloading due to a slow internet connection. Safari is a web-based application that needs the internet. Hence, when safari not loading pages, check your internet connection through a speed test.

  • Shut down and restart your Mac device

Although pretty orthodox, the technique of shutting down your Mac device can help sort out the safari problems. Restarting your Mac will reboot Safari and hence may solve the problem of Safari not loading.

  • Check the URL

While copy-pasting the URL, you may often commit small mistakes, such as skipping a slash. This could lead you to a webpage that does not exist. The typo in the URL may be the culprit behind Safari not loading pages. Double-check the URLs.

  • Delete site-specific data

Safari not loading or safari slow loading may be due to the stored data. Specific sites may not load and will load when the stored data is cleared. Follow the steps given below to delete site-specific data for Safari not loading or safari slow loading

    • Head to preferences on your safari browser
    • Next open privacy on your browser
    • After this, head to the details section
    • Here, it would be best if you searched for the name of the website that isn’t loading
    • If you find the website here, click on “remove.”
    • Once done, you’ll be able to load the website.safari keeps crashing

Safari Keeps Crashing | Crash Safari Solutions

Safari keeps crashing iPhone problem is quite a common one. Whether your Safari keeps crashing on an iPad or Safari crashing on Mac, you can use the solutions below for Safari keeps crashing to solve them.

  • Install the latest software update

Safari crashing on iPad may be due to outdated software. Apple is well known for releasing updates now and then. A few functionalities might malfunction if you do not update your software to the latest one, as it may crash Safari. Not just the Mac OS version, it’s also essential to constantly update your safari extensions. Make sure that your Mac OS and safari extensions are updated to the latest one.

  • Turn off the extensions that you’ve installed

Safari crashing iPhone problem may be due to a malfunctioning or corrupted safari extension. Temporarily turning off your extensions could help the crashing safari problem. Here’s how you can turn off your extensions on Safari.

    • Head to Safari on your apple device
    • Now you need to select preferences on your safari menu
    • Here you need to click on “extensions” the interface will now show you a list of all the extensions you’ve installed.
    • Deselect each extension from the list by deselecting the particular check box
    • Once done, the problem of Safari crashing on Mac may be solved.

If the safari freezing iPhone problem persists, you can turn on the extensions again. It’s most likely that Safari freezes due to some other problem.

  • Clear the browsing data and cache memory on your safari browser

When you access websites, they tend to store the data in the form of cookies. The unnecessary storage of data could adversely affect your safari browser’s performance. The Safari crashing on iPad problem can be solved by clearing the browser history since it optimizes the browser’s performance. To do so, head to the “browser history” on your Safari. Now you need to select the tab which you’d like to delete from your history. Choosing each checkbox one at a time is highly time-consuming. You can simply select “clear all” in order to delete the entire browsing history.

Next, you need to remove the stored data from your safari browser. If you wish to delete the stored data, click on “Preferences” from your safari menu. Here click on the “manage website data” button. You can either remove data from individual websites one at a time or choose the entire data and delete it altogether. Once done, the problem might have been solved!

  • Empty the cache memory

Cache memory refers to the space occupied on your drive. This generally includes data stored in the form of passports, and email IDs, to name a few. Here’s how you can go ahead and delete the unnecessary cache memory from your drive.

    • Click on “preference” from the main menu of Safari.
    • Next, you need to head to advanced and click on the check box next to “show develop menu in the menu bar.”
    • Now select develop a menu and further click on “empty caches.”

Safari Freezes iPhone | Safari Freezing iPhone

Does your Safari keeps freezing? Well, it’s one of the most irritating situations, and we can relate to how annoying it can get. Safari frozen on iphone could be due to plenty of problems. Here’s how you can solve the safari problems of safari freezing iphone!

  • Force restart your apple device

The first resolution that comes to mind when we suffer from technical difficulties is restarting the device. Well, the safari freezing problem could often be solved by force restarting your apple device. Rebooting a device helps clear the processor memory and solves minor bugs on your apple device. After you restart your apple device, your device becomes much faster and smoother.

  • Ensure that your specific device is updated to the latest iOS version and that you have the latest version of the safari app.

safari freezes

Keeping your software updated is always good practice. This is because updated software helps reduce bugs and optimizes the overall performance of your device. Hence, you need to confirm that your software is updated to the latest version. Here’s how you can update your software to the latest version.

    • Firstly ensure that your device is connected to a fast Wi-Fi network.
    • Next, head to the settings app on your iPhone
    • In the settings menu, open general and then open “software update.”
    • If the app asks you to install an update, your device is not updated to the latest version. Click on “update,” the update will then begin, and your device will automatically reboot once the software update is over.
    • If there is no new update, it means that your software is updated to the latest version. You can proceed to your updated Safari browser.

To update your safari app, follow the steps given below.

    • Head to the ‘App Store’ using your apple device
    • Next, click on the “your profile’ icon, and a list of all the apps you’ve installed will appear.
    • In this list, find “safari.”
    • If the screen asks you to update your Safari, you need to click on “update.”

App updates generally fix minor bugs and increase the performance of the app. By updating your browser, it’s most likely that the freezing problem will be solved.

  • Turn off the auto-fill feature

Sometimes, additional features like autofill increase the load of the browser. They result in the slow performance of the browser. You can optimize the performance of the browser by turning off the auto-fill feature. The auto-fill feature is basically a quick time-saving feature that auto-fills emails, passwords, and other details when you need to enter them. Hence, you can try turning off the auto-fill feature in order to fix the freezing problem of Safari. Here’s how you can do it!

    • Open the settings app
    • Then scroll down to the app sections and find “safari.”
    • Here you need to disable the auto-fill feature by simply deselecting the checkbox
  • Toggle the iCloud bookmarks on and off

Turning off iCloud bookmarks and turning them on again could be a resourceful way to solve the freezing problem on your apple device. Here’s how you can restart the iCloud bookmark for your safari browser.

    • Head to the settings of your apple device
    • Now find iCloud in the settings menu and click on it.
    • Here you’ll see a list of apps to which iCloud is configured. Find Safari and turn it off and then switch it on again.
  • Disable javascript on your Safari

Javascript is a sophisticated programming language that enhances the user experience of apps. Through Javascript, you can add attractive animations to the app. Since javascript is a more complicated language, it requires higher processor memory. Turning javascript off could hence help you to prevent Safari from freezing. To disable javascript, follow the steps given below

  1. Head to the settings app on your device
  2. Navigate to the section that holds app information
  3. Click on Safari from this list of apps
  4. Now you need to select advanced, and in this menu, you’ll find an option to disable javascriptSafari help

Safari Support | Safari Setup

Safari is one of the most operated browsers, however it comes with a fair share of problems. These problems include freezing, hanging, crashing and not loading. Today we took a look at an array of methods that you could use to solve these problems. In case the problem still persists, you may contact apple customer care directly and seek guidance. We hope that this overview about the safari browser helped you learn about the browser and its problems! On this note, we’d like to conclude. See you later! Happy Browsing.

If you can’t resolve safari browser problems, feel free to call on the phone number given on this webpage. It will connect your call to an independent third-party Safari support team. The safari support team will help you resolve all your Safari problems. Make sure you’re well known to the terms before calling to an independent third-party Safari support help team.