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Hewlett-Packard, commonly known as HP, is an American multinational company that deals in information technology. Having headquarters in Palo Alto, California, it is known primarily for the range of HP computers, laptops, printers, and other peripheral devices that they develop and market. Though they develop quite a few hardware and software components along with other services in addition to their range of laptops and computers.

HP is an international IT brand that provides the impressive range of devices such as computers, laptops, printers, notebooks, storage devices, peripheral devices, tablets, and much more. HP has something for all the people whether they want it for professional use as well as personal use. The HP products are trusted by the customers more than the other brand products. The HP products go under different quality tests before it is made available to the customers in the market. That is why there is no comparison of the HP product’s performance and quality. The HP products also have the least number of issues and that is why they are preferred by many people all over the world. However, the technical glitches can occur anytime and the customers need quick help to resolve the technical glitches. For that situation, HP has developed HP customer service whose primary work is to resolve the issues and troubles of the customers through the HP customer service number. The users just need to call the HP customer service phone number to connect with a technical expert available at HP customer support. Whenever you face a technical problem, then just call the HP customer support number to communicate with a technical expert.

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Having been in the business for almost 80 odd years, HP has a very strong consumer base across the continents. This is also a result of the amazing after-sale HP consumer support. HP has an online support system as good as an offline HP customer service base with the very efficient and well-versed with HP technicalities staff at the HP customer service number. Therefore, if you face any issue with any of your HP devices, you can very easily contact the HP consumer support for services by dialing to call HP customer service phone number. You can also call the toll-free number provided on the website, and it will help you to get you in touch with an independent third-party HP customer support number.

hp customer support phone numberHP customer support for upgrading RAM

There are a lot of symptoms that your system throws at you when it needs a memory upgrade. Some of these are very obvious, such as computer slowing down, freezing, and the likes, while you might not exactly be able to figure out the problem for some. The help from the HP customer support phone number says that if you see that your system is using up most of the memory or is generally working slow, you should nonetheless consider upgrading the Random Access Memory. You can get more details about it if you call HP customer service phone number.

Given below are step-by-step instructions from the HP consumer support following which you can upgrade RAM for any HP device. Even if the graphics of your device don’t match with the ones given below, don’t have yourself call HP support number because these steps will work just fine.

Step 1: Find the device’s product number

You need to know your device’s product number in order to place replacement order for any internal components, such as RAM. You can find the product and serial numbers printed on some label on the shipping box and bottom of your computer.

The product and serial number locations might vary, though. You can get more information about that without having to call HP customer service phone number here.

Step 2: Find your device’s memory informationhp customer service number

Before you go ahead with the upgrade, it is absolutely crucial to find out how much memory is already installed on your device, how much your device supports, and what kind of memory there is. You can find all this information from a specifications document that you have got in the box along with your computer. You can also contact the HP customer support number to figure out more ways of finding this out. If you don’t want to contact the HP customer support phone number, you can also refer to the Service and Maintenance Guide.

Step 3: Installing the memory

Additional memory in most HP notebooks can be conveniently added with the help of any Phillips screwdriver. Given below are the steps to add and install additional memory to your device, but it might also be a good idea to call HP customer service number for some support and technical assistance.

Remove the electrical power

To remove the power from your computer and in order to prevent any accidental damage on any electronic components, you can follow these steps prepared with the help from tech support at the HP customer support phone number:

  1. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds in order to turn your computer off.
  2. Detach the plugged AC adaptor.
  3. Slide and then hold battery releasing latch into unlocking
  4. Using your finger lift up the battery and pull it out.

Insert memory

  1. In order to insert the memory, follow these steps:
  2. Turn over the notebook and then place it upon any firm surface.
  3. Use a screwdriver and remove if there is a cover on memory module compartment.

hp customer service number

Your cover might look different; it’s okay.

  1. Ground yourself in order to discharge the static electricity before you go ahead and touch the bare memory, having removed the cover.
  2. In case you need the battery removed before the installation of new memory, release it using any small wooden tools, or your fingernail, and take it out from the holder clips. The support from the HP customer service number suggests that you should not touch the metal parts of the memory and just hold it from the sides to minimize damage.
  3. Whatever modules you remove, keep in any anti-static back to enhance protection. Take the new one out of the anti-static case and hold it at the sides.
  4. In the connector, gently place the gold contacts, and firmly press the RAM into place. If the RAM is in the proper place, the clips will click when you put them back.hp customer service phone number
  5. Tighten the screws for retention after you have replaced the cover.hp customer support number

Replace the electrical power

Now that you have placed the RAM in place, you need to get it back running, for which you would have to replace the electrical power. To save you the effort of calling the HP customer support phone number, we have laid out the steps to replace the electrical power below:

  1. Plug the AC adapter connection back in the notebook and connect the adapter to some functioning power supply.
  2. Keep the computer off and push the liquid battery back in the enclosure. Make sure that you hear the sound of the retention clips clicking back into position.
  3. Switch the computer on and let it reconfigure and accept the additional memory you have just inserted and hence improve performance.

HP Consumer Support for Changing Screen Saver in Windows 10

If you want to change the screen saver in Windows 10, you just have to follow some simple procedures. You can call HP customer service number anytime to get the procedure for changing the screen saver in Windows 10. The support experts present at HP consumer support will give you the procedure to change the screen saver in Windows 10 through the HP customer support number. The procedure is deliberated here also that may help you to change the screen saver in Windows 10 and saves you time in calling the HP customer support number. If you go through these steps, you do not have to call HP customer service number to get the help you need. That is why users are suggested to follow the procedure first before calling the HP customer support number. If you still face some error, then feel free to contact the HP consumer support with the help of HP customer support phone number.HP customer service phone number

  1. Find and launch Change screen saver in Windows 10.
  2. You will see the Screen Saver Settings
  3. Choose a screen saver that is present in the menu.
  4. Press Settings to launch the selected settings tab for the selected screen saver.
  5. Press Preview to preview the screen saver on the desktop screen. Navigate the mouse when you have completed previewing the screen saver.
  6. Now choose the number of minutes of inactivity you want the screen saver to start in the Wait
  7. Choose On resume, display the login screen if you want the system to need the login credentials when the computer resumes again.
  8. Press OK to modify the settings and then close the window of Display Properties.
  9. The screen saver is now modified. You can contact the HP customer support number for further help.

If you encounter any error while you change the screen saver through this process, then contact the HP consumer support by placing a call at HP customer support phone number. The HP technician resolves all the troubles regarding HP issues through the HP customer service phone number. A user just needs to call HP customer service phone number to get in touch with an HP technician present at HP customer support number. However, these steps will not let you call the HP customer service number as the steps are capable of resolving the screen saver problem. Still, issues can occur anytime and the best option to resolve them is to contact HP customer service phone number. You can even take the help of a third-party HP customer service number if you do not want to contact the official HP customer service phone number as it consumes a lot of time. An independent third-party HP customer support phone number will save your time and money as well.