In the world of surveillance and security, ensuring that every crucial moment is recorded can be the difference between clarity and confusion. Particularly for brands like Arlo, known for their advanced motion detection capabilities, any lapse in recording becomes a significant concern. A recurring issue some users face is that their Arlo camera not recording motion as it should. This challenge, while alarming, isn’t insurmountable.

Arlo camera not recordingThrough the course of this article, we aim to deep-dive into the very reasons causing the Arlo not recording motion problem. Understanding the ‘why’ is the first step to finding a solution. Armed with that knowledge, we will then transition into actionable solutions, offering step-by-step guidance on how to resolve this recording concern. And as with all technical challenges, prevention is often better than cure. So, in our concluding sections, we will explore preventive measures to ensure that the Arlo camera not recording motion becomes a rarity rather than a regular inconvenience.

Embark on this insightful journey with us as we navigate the intricacies of motion recording, ensuring your Arlo device functions at its optimum, capturing every essential motion it detects.

Why Arlo Camera Not Recording Motion?

When it comes to reliable surveillance, Arlo is a name that resonates with trust. However, like all technological marvels, it, too, isn’t immune to the occasional glitches. One such concern that has been raised by users is: Why is Arlo not recording when it’s supposed to? Particularly puzzling is when the camera fails to capture footage even after detecting motion. So, let’s delve into the core reasons behind why Arlo camera not recording when motion detected.why Arlo camera not recording

  • Sensitivity Settings: The first thing to consider when pondering why is Arlo not recording is the motion sensitivity settings. If set too low, the camera might not consider the detected motion significant enough to start recording.
  • Outdated Firmware: Arlo devices are frequently updated to tackle new challenges and improve performance. If you’ve been asking why Arlo camera not recording when motion detected, an outdated firmware could be the culprit.
  • Network Connectivity Issues: Intermittent or weak Wi-Fi connectivity can be a reason for why Arlo is not recording. The camera requires a stable connection to transmit data effectively.
  • Full Storage: Overlooking storage capacities can often be the answer to why Arlo camera not recording when motion detected. If the allocated storage space is full, the camera cannot record new footage.
  • Incorrect Modes and Rules: Arlo cameras come with customizable modes and rules. If they’re not configured correctly, it can be a reason for why is Arlo not recording even when there’s apparent motion.

By addressing these underlying issues, users can take the first step towards resolving the motion recording challenges and ensuring that their Arlo cameras capture every significant moment.

How to Fix Arlo Not Recording Motion Issue:

Dealing with Arlo cameras not recording motion can be a daunting experience for any homeowner or business that relies on continuous surveillance. The good news is that with the right steps, this issue can be resolved. Here’s a tailored guide to tackle the challenges when your Arlo is not recording motion.

  • Adjust Sensitivity Settings: If your Arlo cameras are not recording motion, one of the primary steps should be to revisit and adjust the motion sensitivity settings. Ensure they are set at a level where everyday movements are registered and recorded.
  • Update Your Firmware: Arlo regularly rolls out firmware updates to enhance functionality and rectify known bugs. If your Arlo is not recording motion, it’s advisable to check for any pending updates and install them promptly.Arlo cameras not recording motion
  • Ensure Stable Network Connectivity: A seamless connection is paramount for Arlo’s effective operation. If you’re facing issues with Arlo cameras not recording motion, recheck your Wi-Fi strength and connectivity. You might want to consider moving the camera closer to the router or adding a Wi-Fi extender.
  • Clear and Manage Storage: Overlooked Storage can often be the silent culprit. Regularly monitor the available space and delete older, unnecessary recordings if your Arlo is not recording motion due to full Storage.
  • Review Modes and Rules: Take time to go over the set modes and rules. If improperly configured, they can result in Arlo cameras not recording motion even when there is apparent activity.

Following these solutions can mitigate the issues of Arlo is not recording motion and ensure a seamless surveillance experience. Trust in technology is restored when it performs as expected, and with these steps, your Arlo camera will be back to capturing every critical motion in its vicinity.

How to Prevent Arlo Not Recording Motion Issue:

The age-old saying, Precaution is better than cure, holds particularly true for technological devices. When it comes to the security and surveillance realm, taking preventive measures can save time and offer peace of mind. For users who have previously encountered or wish to avoid the scenario where their Arlo camera is not recording, it’s paramount to know and implement proactive steps.

  • Regular Software Updates: Keep your Arlo firmware and software regularly updated. These updates often contain solutions for known issues and improvements in performance. By ensuring timely updates, you can avert situations where your Arlo camera is not recording due to outdated software glitches.Arlo not recording motion
  • Monitor Storage Regularly: Always be on top of your storage management. A routine check will ensure you’re not caught off-guard with a full storage situation, causing your Arlo camera not recording motion when it’s most needed.
  • Periodic Connectivity Checks: An intermittent or weak connection can lead to recording lapses. By conducting routine connectivity tests, you can prevent situations where the Arlo camera is not recording due to weak Wi-Fi signals.
  • Sensitivity Review: Depending on the location and purpose of the camera, periodic sensitivity adjustments can be beneficial. This proactive measure ensures that your Arlo camera is not recording unnecessary events but captures all significant motions.
  • Educate and Familiarize: Occasionally, take the time to revisit the user manual or online forums. The more you know about your device, the better equipped you are to foresee issues and take preventive measures, ensuring your Arlo camera not recording motion remains a problem of the past.

Embracing these preventive strategies will undoubtedly create a more reliable surveillance environment, ensuring your Arlo device functions seamlessly providing the security and peace of mind you desire.


Arlo not recordingIn today’s fast-paced digital era, the importance of security and surveillance can’t be overstated. Relying on trusted brands like Arlo becomes a norm for many seeking peace of mind and assured safety. However, like all technological devices, they aren’t exempt from occasional hitches. The issue of Arlo not recording motion has been a concern for some users. As we’ve discussed, while the reasons for the Arlo camera not recording motion can range from software glitches to sensitivity settings, the solutions are often straightforward and user-friendly.

The most important thing to remember is how crucial it is to take proactive measures. Regular software updates, sensitivity adjustments, storage checks, and a keen eye on connectivity can go a long way in preventing the problem in the first place. While the brand continually strives to improve and rectify issues, as end-users, staying informed and vigilant can make a significant difference.

In essence, while the concern of Arlo is not recording motion can be disconcerting, it’s a solvable challenge. With the right approach and consistent preventive actions, your Arlo camera’s recording efficiency can be optimized, ensuring it captures every significant motion, offering you the security and tranquility you invested in. Whether you’re a new Arlo user or someone troubleshooting, remember that with a little care and attention, your Arlo device is more than equipped to serve its purpose effectively and efficiently. For any further inquiries related to Arlo Camera, please refer to our Arlo Support page.

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