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Norton is an antivirus software developed to offer protection from security threats and hackers. Norton antivirus comes with a complete package such as speed optimizer, firewall, and diagnostics techniques. Malware and virus have become a major threat to the laptops and computers users nowadays. Whenever the users surf the internet or connect any external hard drives to your laptop or computer, then there is a risk of getting infected viruses and malware from various programs. So it is necessary to install high-quality antivirus software on your system that helps you to minimize the chances of getting infected with various virus and malware. Sometimes the customers may face issue regarding their Norton antivirus and they need help Norton that is available only at the Norton helpline. Norton has created its support service in the form of Norton help desk. The customers seeking help can visit the official website of help and they might get the required support and help there

The customers who are planning to contact the Norton helpline can get help Norton regarding minor issues without even contacting the Norton help desk. Some issues and processes are discussed here to help the Norton customers, and they don’t have to waste their time contacting the Norton helpline or visiting the official website of help However, the customers normally prefer to contact the Norton help desk or go to the official help website. We have presented this article especially for those customers who give their precious time to the Norton help desk for the required help Norton. Using the information provided on this website, the customers can escape visiting the help website or contacting the Norton help desk.

Norton Helpline | Norton Antivirus Installation

The customers who seek help to install the Norton antivirus on their laptops and computers can visit the help website or contact the Norton helpline to get the necessary help Norton regarding the process. Installing the Norton antivirus in a correct manner is important. Your computer or laptop will be fully protected only when the Norton antivirus is correctly installed on your system. You can get the process for the Norton antivirus installation by contacting the Norton help desk. The technicians provide you all the necessary help Norton that you are looking for as well as the full steps to complete the method of Norton antivirus installation. So, if you are searching for the method to install Norton antivirus, then you can visit this section instead of directly visiting the help website. So, the customers are required to go through the method given below before contacting the Norton helpline.

  1. Open the browser and go to the setup page of official help website.
  2. Now activate your Norton account from there.
  3. Type your email address and the account’s password connected to the account and then click on sign in.
  4. Once you purchase the Norton antivirus, then it does not mean signing in will install the Norton software automatically. You have to tap any of the options provided below:norton help
    • Install the software on this device.
    • Install the software on another device.
  5. Now you will see a .exe file on your gadget.
  6. Press the setup that is downloaded and then agrees to the terms & conditions to complete the installation totally and then gets it activated on your gadget.
  7. You can sign into your Norton account to install the Norton antivirus again.
  8. Now tap the Devices tab.
  9. Now search for the gadget you want a product key for. You have the option to get the required product key available on the Services tab.

The process of Norton antivirus installation is over now. You don’t feel the requirement to contact the Norton help desk. However, you might stick somewhere due to some error while following the above process and in that situation, you need to go to the help website to get the required help Norton that you are looking for. If you are unable to reach the official Norton helpline, then you need to contact a 3rd-party Norton help desk. You can call the support number that is toll-free provided on this webpage to get in touch with an independent third-party Norton helpline that provides you the best help Norton you are seeking for. Make sure you see the terms & conditions before you call the support number which is toll-free.

Norton Help Desk | Setup Norton Security Software on Android

If you are using an android gadget and you want to protect your device from various internet threats, then you need the protection of the best antivirus present in the market. Norton internet security is the preferred choice for the customer. If you want to protect your Android device using the Norton antivirus, then you need to setup the Norton antivirus on your gadget. You can get the full procedure to set up Norton antivirus by contacting the Norton helpline. However, if you need some other help Norton then also you can visit the help website. The full procedure is discussed here also that helps you to setup the Norton security software on your Android device. The customers are advised to watch the terms & conditions while you plan to contact the help Norton helpline

  1. Open Google play or Android play store on your Android gadget.
  2. You can see many applications there, navigate to the search box and enter Norton security. Click Search icon.
  3. Now, choose the Norton and click Install option.
  4. It takes few moments to install the Norton security. Once the process completes, then open the Norton Security.
  5. Now you will see the terms & conditions page, read them carefully and then Click on Agree.
  6. Once you perform the above steps, then you will be redirected to the Norton home page. If you need to get the full features, then you have to log in using your email ID and password.
  7. Click on the Menu icon and then choose log-in.
  8. You have finished the Norton security Setup installation on your Android gadget.

Once you start the downloading process, then ensure that your Android gadget is updated and your Google play store is also updated. If you perform the steps mentioned above, then you can escape contacting the Norton helpline. However, you might encounter troubles while following the steps provided above and in that situation, you need to visit the official website for help The necessary help is available there. The customers can contact a third-party Norton help desk also to get the necessary help Norton that you are looking for.