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“To setup Outlook for Gmail” or any other email clients is a bit different from the different versions of Outlook. Several of the versions support auto discover while automatically detecting most of the needed server settings from your ID and password; on the other hand, some of them might not work like this. In this article, we are showing you “how to setup Outlook for Gmail” and how to do it on different devices such as Android and Mac. We are also elaborating “how to setup Outlook 2013 for Gmail” and “how to setup Outlook for Office 365” as well. Thus, you have to keep reading the article if you need to know about the how to “setup Outlook on Android’ or “setup Outlook on iPhone.” But first let me introduce you ‘Setup Outlook’ or how it functions and benefits you. Outlook is the first and unique email desktop client that offers to attach multiple accounts to it. It also delivers the faster service regarding receiving or sending email from the server. You can play Outlook with Microsoft exchange server and directory at the same time while operating it on your computer. The shortcut keys, active directory access, attractive user interface, notification at every step of the program, auto correction for the correct user id, voicemail box facility, focused inbox, swipe features, etc. are the finest and positive features of Outlook. For the detail and explanation, you have to setup Outlook on your device. Now, we are switching to the subject “how to setup Outlook for Gmail” or “how to setup Outlook 2013 for Gmail.” In case of any issue, you can call our toll-free number to reach an independent third-party Outlook service provider. You are advised to view the terms and conditions before calling our toll-free number.

setup outlook for gmailHow to setup Outlook for Gmail

To setup Outlook for Gmail is a straightforward step. All you need is your domain name, email address, and email password to setup Outlook for Gmail. The process to execute the task is described below:

Manual settings to Setup Outlook

  • Go to your Gmail account
  • Tap on the gear icon & Select settings
  • Tap on the POP/IMAP and forwarding from the option given above the inbox
  • Click on “Enable POP for all mail that arrives from now on” under “POP download.”
  • Choose “archive Gmail’s” in the box next to the “messages accessed with POP.”
  • Tap on “save the change.”
  • You are ready now

The procedure which includes only five steps will let you use the facility of setting up Gmail in Outlook. You can also setup Outlook on Android or “setup Outlook on iPhone” with the help of this method. If you face some difficulty, then you can go to the next two sections where we are explaining the steps regarding “setup Outlook on Android” and “setup Outlook on iPhone” consecutively.

Setup Outlook on Android

“To Setup Outlook on Android,” you have to select the account type you need to setup on your Android devices such as tablet or phone to access the services that include calendars, contacts, email, tasks, etc. You have to choose among Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, exchange-based accounts, POP or IMAP email accounts. You can continue further with the help of following instructions elaborated here:setup outlook for gmail

  • Download Outlook for Android
  • Run the application
  • Tap more and go to settings
  • Click on add accounts
  • Now sign in with your account details and password
  • Tap yes or accept so that app can access the services
  • Go to the more section from the options to customize
  • You are ready to use the service “setup Outlook on Android.”

The procedure which involves seven steps will let you “setup Outlook on Android” on your phone or tablet. You can enjoy the world’s best email client while operating on your device. If you need to know about “setup Outlook for Office 365”, then you can read the paragraph succeeding the topic “how to setup Outlook on iPhone.” For more update on “setup Outlook 2013” or “setup Outlook 2013 for Gmail” keep reading this article.

To Setup Outlook on iPhone

iPhone is one of the most appreciated smartphones in the world just like the Outlook email client. If you need to setup Outlook on iPhone, then you don’t have to struggle since you can quickly do that on your iPhone. For the exact details you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Tap the settings app on your iPad or iPhone
  • Click on the option “email, contacts, calendars.”
  • Tap on the option “add account.”
  • Click on the option “”
  • Submit your Outlook ID details and password & tap next
  • Now select the services you need to sync with Outlook
  • Tap on “save” in the upper right corner

This process will let you “setup Outlook on iPhone,” and you can communicate brilliantly to the business partners or clients now with the help of Outlook email service. This may seem to be a little step towards the growth of your business or study but, let me tell you that Outlook is the superior service in the open industry that lets you get in touch with the social media and keep you updated with the digital world, effortlessly and swiftly. Nevertheless, if you need to know the steps regarding “setup Outlook for Office 365” or “setup Outlook 2013 for Gmail” then you can take a glance at the next two consecutive sections.

How to setup Outlook for Office 365

You need to decide at first hand as for where you want to install it, on Mac or Windows. You can also “setup Outlook for Office 365” on your phone. If you’re going to install it on Windows, then you can try the under mentioned steps to get the facility.

  • Setup Outlook for Office 365 on Windows

    • Go to the menu
    • Select control panel
    • Tap on user accounts
    • Now go for the email option and click it
    • Tap on “show profiles.”
    • Click the option “Add.”
    • Write the details for your profile
    • Choose the option “always use this profile” to make it default profile
    • If popup then select new profile & Tap ok
    • Now submit the details of your account on the auto account set up page
    • Tap next & click finish

You can try the above-mentioned steps to “setup Outlook for Office 365” on your windows. If you need to get it on Mac, then feel free to follow the details given under:setup outlook for office 365

  • Setup Outlook for Office 365 on Mac

    • Launch the application Outlook
    • Submit the details of your email account
    • After setting up account click on tools
    • Tap on +
    • Select the option exchange
    • Submit the email address and password
    • Tap on “configure automatically.”
    • Click on “add account.”
    • Tap on “allow.”
    • You are ready

In this way, you can “setup Outlook for Office 365” on your Mac and experience the awesomeness of the best desktop email client in the entire world. However, if you are concerned about “setup Outlook 2013 for Gmail” then feel free to read the next paragraph of this article.

Setup Outlook 2013 for Gmail

To setup Outlook 2013 for Gmail, you need to log in to your Gmail account and customize some settings. For the accurate knowledge of how to “setup Outlook 2013 for Gmail,” you can try the steps undermentioned.

  • Login to Gmail
  • Go to settings
  • Select the option POP/IMAP and forwarding
  • Enable the IMAP
  • Click “save”

This process will allow you to “setup Outlook 2013 for Gmail” on your system. Hence, always feel free to use Outlook as your email service without worrying about anything since we are here. Just make a call at our toll-free number in case of some trouble. We redirect you to an independent third-party Outlook service provider. Take a look at the terms and conditions before using the toll-free number.