Microsoft is one of the biggest names in the consumer electronics market which includes computer software, personal computers, and services as well. The American based industry has widened all over the world due to its attractive and multipurpose features offering products. The company is best known for Microsoft Windows in the line of operating systems while Microsoft Office Suite, internet explorer, and Edge internet browsers are the favorite software products among the computer users. It also deals in hardware services as well that includes Xbox video game & Microsoft Surface tablet series. The critical point to remember about Microsoft is that it is the firm which has the most significant revenue in the field of Software developer across the globe. The founder of the enterprise is Bill Gates who is also the wealthiest person on the planet. In short, the business is so big that everyone owns single or multiple products or services offered by the giant corporation. Take Windows 10 for instance; nearly all the PC operators run their desktop or systems on Windows apart from Mac owners. Windows are compatible with all the devices available in the industry making it the widespread among the public. It is also affordable and multi-tasking as well. The video Game hardware products & services offered by the corporation are not only the famous but standard as well. The Office Suite is the most prominent software service available in the market as well. You are thinking of doing business or running a small company then you have to use it. Whether you are a student, who needs help in the study online or you are a businessman who requires the data to be structured; you can always get help from the Microsoft Office. Now, in this article, we are discussing the common issues that users face while using the Microsoft products and services. You should be aware of the facts that some glitches that you encounter using the services are not even due to the products but because of the data connection, power adapter & other mechanisms. Nevertheless, we are briefing the issues & solutions related to Microsoft products and services from the next stanza. Thus, if you are curious about it then feel free to read the article. All it will take is a few minute of yours while you get to know all the problems’ solutions regarding Microsoft products.

Microsoft Office Suite

The Office 365 puts you ahead of the year filled with unlimited possibilities. It is available for you whether you need it for home or business. The variants of Office are different for home & business that match your expectations. It offers you to create your Work from nothing. You can design the work pattern as well. Research, proofing, & data visualization are some of the other features of the products. You can work seamlessly anywhere in the world with your favorite Office apps now. Apart from the specifics that it is prominent in every office, operators may face some common issues. That’s why we are offering some related solution below.

Cannot find the Office application in Windows10, 8, 0r 7

For Windows10

  • Choose the application Word or Excel
  • Tap on it to start
  • Tap on all apps then scroll to the program menu
  • Pin the Word or Excel to start bar
  • The features are available already.

For Windows8.1 or 8

  • Go to start menu of the system
  • Tap on application you need to run
  • If not, then choose it from the programs list
  • Scroll left or right to find it
  • Pin it to the taskbar or start bar

For Windows7

  • Choose start
  • Type the name of the app in the search list
  • Select start “all programs.”
  • When you see the folder tap on it to pin to the taskbar
  • Congo! You have done the job.

The above-detailed steps help you to find the Word or Excel on your system. The procedures for different Windows are shown in the above instructions as well. Thus, you are welcome to get the help from here while using the Microsoft Office Suite program.

Microsoft Windows10

Windows10 is the latest version of Windows operating system by Microsoft. The package offers several attractive features which are unique & matchless in the available industry. The Cortana and built-in game broadcasting are the two significant changes in this program as well. To book in the store and blue light reduction are also the including facilities that you get to use on the PC. Nonetheless, we are illustrating three issues related to Windows10 which are following.

Windows10 won’t update anything

  • Tap Windows and R keys to open the “Run Dialog.”
  • Type the sentence “C:windows/softwaredistribution/download”
  • Tap ok
  • It will open “delete all the folders.”
  • Boot Windows10 in safe mode to delete the folders in case
  • Restart the system
  • Try to update the apps or drivers

Cannot login automatically from my account

  • Tap Win & R together to run the “Dialog box.”
  • Type “netplwiz” and click ok
  • Uncheck the option showing on the display
  • Tap ok
  • Enter your account details twice and click ok

Wi-Fi is sensing Risks privacy

  • Connect to the connection
  • Go to the settings & then network and internet
  • Tap on Wi-Fi to manage Wi-Fi settings
  • Uncheck the options showing suggested open hotspots & connect to networks
  • It will switch off the connection

If you are facing the same scenarios, then you can get rid of the same by applying the instructions mentioned above. We care for our clients, and thus we offer every possible resolution to connect to the digital world to you, safely & happily. Hence, purchase Windows10 or update your Windows now to experience the Cortana and several other features. Because, the features won’t stop here since we are updating it daily with our new, untried services.

Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface Pro is the recent model of the company which is the lightest from all of the last systems. You can take it anywhere you need while using it in the place of the desktop. It will not let you bother for anything since it works better than a PC. You can carry it in your bag while traveling as well. The design is breathtaking while the personal touch & colors are precious. It gives you the brand feeling including the multitasking features of it. With Microsoft Surface, technology vanishes but your ideas remain. Now, we are providing some technical issues that you may face regarding it which are given below.

Microsoft Surface: The problem with Wi-Fi

  • Swipe into the screen & tap settings from the right edge
  • Press power to restart
  • Sign in to Windows & go to settings
  • Click Wireless networks
  • Connect to the system after submitting the details

How to clean Surface keyboard

  • Do not rub the keyboard hardly
  • Use a soft cloth to avoid any scratches
  • Gently wipe the keyboard screen
  • Damp the water or eyeglass cleaner on cloth
  • Do not apply water or any other liquids on the surface

Surface cover driver is missing

  • Choose the search box in the taskbar
  • Enter device manager
  • Choose the device manager
  • Expand the keyboards
  • Right click on “Surface Type Cover Filter” device
  • Tap uninstall
  • Restart your Surface or Surface Pro

If you are looking for help related to your surface, then you can check out the solutions here. We are happy to help you regarding Microsoft services. So, do not sit back! Go & buy Microsoft Surface Pro now to explore the awesomeness in the digital world.

Microsoft Xbox

There is nothing perfect than playing the Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed Origins on Xbox. The Xbox offers you to enjoy a great deal of fun with it. Ancient Egypt and modern combat are also available for you now. You name the game, and it offers you the same in the highest resolution making it just like the live experience. Users may face some glitches though which can be avoided by following the below assertions.

 My Xbox is not turning on

  • Check the HDMI cable
  • Connect it properly to TV
  • Do a cold boot on the Xbox console
  • Hold the power button for 10 seconds to execute it
  • Start it again
  • Reset the display settings
  • If there is any disc in it, eject it.

My Xbox 360 is not working

  • Get to know how to turn on Xbox 360 console
  • Know how to turn on or off Xbox 360 wireless controller from the manual
  • If you see blinking red light on the Xbox console, then it’s heating
  • Four blinking red lights show the A/V cable problem
  • Restart it

How to reset the factory settings on Xbox

  • Tap the Xbox button for opening the manual
  • Tap settings
  • Click all settings
  • Choose system
  • Choose Console info and updates
  • Tap on “reset Console.”
  • Congratulations!

These steps allow you to overcome the issues given above. We try our best to take care of the problems related to Xbox so that you can play the games you like. That’s why you can buy it now without having second thoughts since it is the excellent piece of hardware machine or video game in the industry.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the single centralized place to get all the emails from several accounts to it. You don’t have to switch to other application if you need to check out emails from another service. The features, they are just amazing. Swipe to delete, a focused inbox and the active directory are among the best features of Outlook. The concentrated inbox lets you customize the messages you need to view first or trash. With Outlook, you get the feeling as you take a step ahead towards your business due to its facilities. It never lags and saves you some time as well. You can play it together with Microsoft exchange point and server as well. Apart from that, owning an Outlook account informs you about everything like plans for tomorrow or the meeting after a week. It lets you schedule everything, and most importantly it notifies you. It never misses since the reminders won’t shut up. In short, with Outlook account you don’t have to worry about a thing while you are communicating with partners or clients. Though, you may face a few errors while using it. But, you don’t have to worry about it as we are offering all the details regarding Outlook breakdowns & solutions below.

My Outlook cannot send the item

  • Go to the original file you need to send
  • Rename it
  • If not change the format of the message
  • Change it to plain text
  • If not then change it to rich text

My Outlook won’t open

  • Open control panel
  • Go to programs
  • Tap on programs & features
  • Choose the Office listings & tap to change
  • Tap on the option repair
  • Follow the prompts
  • Congo!

Outlook 2007 won’t reinstall

  • Open control panels
  • Go to user accounts
  • Tap on Mail
  • As the Mail setup box appears tap on show profiles
  • Select the profile you need to remove
  • Tap on remove button
  • It will let you reinstall the Outlook

If you are also an Outlook user and face the same errors or breakdowns, then you can get the assistance from here. We are more than glad to help you out regarding Microsoft Outlook application. You don’t have to worry concerning it anymore since you got this article. Whether it is Outlook or it is Windows10 that you cannot use smoothly; you can always get help from here. We have also discussed some facts about Microsoft Office Suite, Xbox, Surface as well. Thus, if you are interested in knowing things related to Microsoft, then you are welcome to read this article. You can always buy the products & services of the firm since it is the preeminent giant corporation in the entire world which also believe in only excellent things and thus develop the same. You can always trust us because we are the most reliable source in the market.